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Porsche 968 Club SportPorsche 968 Club SportPorsche 968 Club Sport

Long-term admirers of Porsche will be familiar with the 968, introduced to the world back in 1991. A great sports car also ideal for touring, the standard 968 coupe came with a 3 litre, 4 cyclinder engine producing 225lb ft of torque and 240bhp. Soon after, Porsche set their sights on creating a car tailored more for the driving enthusiast and, in particular, one that would excel on track. In late 1992, the 968 Club Sport was born. Mechanically identical, sharing the same engine and 6 speed gearbox as the standard coupe, the only difference between the two cars was weight saving and a reduction in ride height - and, at the time of its launch, the Club Sport was considerably cheaper.

In total, only 1,923 Club Sports (1538 is also quoted) were produced worldwide (including the British, European, Japanese and Australian markets) between 1992 and 1995. The Club Sport was offered in five colours during model year 1993 ('black', 'guards red', 'maritime blue', 'grand prix white' and 'speed yellow') but other colours were available during model years 1994 and 1995. Having not been originally available in America, the Club Sport becomes legal for importing in 2018 (upon reaching 25 years of age).

1992 - 1995 Standard 968 coupe - weight 1,370kg
Late 1992* - 1995 968 Club Sport - weight 1,320kg
(*the earliest car we know of was registered in Germany 19/10/1992)

There has been, over the years, a misconception in the motoring press that Club Sports are only Club Sports when they have bucket seats, wind up windows, no sunroof, manual hatch, etc. However, the Club Sport was available to order with any number of options - and indeed it frequently was. It is very common to see Club Sports with Recaro cloth comfort sport front seats, electric windows, sunroof and even rear seats and air conditioning, while still sporting the Club Sport badge - especially in parts of Europe and Australia. Mobile.de is an interesting website demonstrating the varied specs of Club Sports available for sale in Germany.

The birth of the UK 'Sport'

In 1994 and 1995, Porsche GB ordered a total of 306 cars from the Club Sport production line for import. Superficial spec changes* included the addition of the Club Sport luxury package option, along with the removal of the rear 968 CS badge. These cars, marketed to attract British buyers looking for a little more comfort, were badged in the UK as 'Sport'. However, Porsche Germany lists them as Club Sports, including on their Certificates of Authenticity. The Sport badge is a UK-specific label which, nowadays, serves to cause some confusion as to the car's identity.


Features of 968 Club Sport (lightweight trim with no options) compared to standard 968 coupe

Recaro lightweight bucket seats with colour coded backs
No rear seats
20mm lower ride height through shorter front springs,
re-indexed rear torsion bars
No electric windows
No electric tailgate release
No electric or heated mirrors
No sunroof
No airbags
No central locking and alarm
Lighter wiring loom
Smaller capacity battery
Smaller capacity alternator
1 radiator fan instead of 2
Reduction of sound insulation
Manual (not automatic) heat regulation system

No air conditioning

'Club Sport' decals were only applied to the cars delivered in the UK and were a no cost delete option

No rear wiper and motor (plastic bung replaces it)
No headlight washer jets in front bumper
No heated washer jets
No under bonnet light
No boot light
17" cup 1 or 2 wheels as standard depending on year
Only black interiors with older 944 S2 door cards
Rear storage net including extended rear shelf
3 spoke steering wheel with thicker rim
Fewer engine bay plastic trims
Digital stop watch instead of exterior temperature display in dash
No clock in central dash
No radio or roof aerial
Different centre console - coin tray holder
Colour coded rear spoiler
Wheels colour coded to bodywork

Weight: 1,320kg

For all Club Sports the M030 kit and M220 LSD were options. The M030 kit included stiffer springs, stiffer anti roll bars, adjustable koni dampers and cross-drilled 304mm front brake discs. For more details click here

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