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1992 launch information

The 968 Club Sport was introduced in late 1992 with the first German cars being registered in October of that year. It wasn't until January of 1993 that the first UK car was registered and within the year the Club Sport had been voted performance car of the year (Performance Car), car of the year (Autocar & Motor) and best handling car of the year (Autocar & Motor).

The UK only Sport model was introduced during 1994 and stayed in production with the Club Sport until 1995. A large number of options were available at the time of launch and cars featuring the factory M030 and LSD option (M220) were very rare across all the markets. Many cars now exist with both these options retro fitted but original factory cars are uncommon.


Porsche 968 Club Sport at the 1993 London motorshow. Photo courtesy of Phil Hooper, copyright Phil Hooper

Porsche 968 Club Sport (1993)

Porsche 968 Club Sport at the 1993 Amsterdam AutoRAI International motor show. Photos courtesy of Bob Mulder, copyright Bob Mulder

Porsche 968 CS

Porsche 968 CS

Porsche 968 CS


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