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968 Club Sport Recaro bucket seats:-

The Recaro fixed back bucket seats found in the 968 Club Sport are listed on the build sheet for the cars as option M384 and M385 and are often colour coded to the exterior colour of the car. They have the same shell and shell part number 964.521.501.00 (see below) as the Porsche 964 Speedster and Porsche 993 RS and are now extremely rare and command very high prices secondhand.

The part numbers for the complete seats including corduroy covers are 944.521.003.60 and 944.521.004.60 as shown on the yellow seat sticker below. The stickers are found underneath the front of each seat, the .CJT refers to the colour, in this instance black.

The 968 Club Sport Recaro seats share exactly the same part numbers with the 964 Speedster and 993 RS including the trampoline damping mat (webbing) found under the front cushion (see photo below). The only differences are the seat covers (corduroy compared to leather) and the 964 Speedster has different seat belt buckles. All other parts including seat rails and side brackets are the same.

A large number of 968 Club Sports are sold with non original bucket seats, below are photographs to highlight the features of the genuine seats. Please note, many of the original seats now feature leather covers or part leather covers as the corduroy fabric does wear with use.

Recaro 964.521.501.00
Porsche 968 CS seat
968 Club Sport seat
968 CS bucket seat
Recaro bucket seat webbing
968 Club Sport bucket Recaro

There are actually two types of 968 Club Sport Recaro bucket seats. A number of cars have seats with 4 extra reinforcing ribs on the seat backs (2 each side) as shown in the photos below. They don't have the trampoline damping mat (similar in design to the 964 RS bucket seat) and have a hole in the bottom of the seat for using a 6 point harness. Both seat types have the same part numbers 944.521.003.60 and 944.521.004.60.

968 CS bucket seat
968 CS Recaro Bucket Seat


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