968 Club Sport

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Club Sport in lightweight trim specification

Porsche 968 Club SportPorsche 968 Club SportPorsche 968 Club SportPorsche 968 Club Sport

The lightweight Club Sport was aimed at the enthusiast seeking pure driving thrills without the need for certain luxuries. A Club Sport with all manual features weighs between 50 - 100kg less than the coupe (depending on the options fitted to the coupe) which is as a result of the changes listed here. It should be noted that the Club Sport treatment is not as radical as the alterations carried out to the RS versions of other Porsches, however there are enough changes to make a noticeable difference.

Club Sports in true lightweight configuration can be hard to find, resulting in them commanding the highest prices of all 968s, but when compared to other lightweight models they do currently seem to be undervalued. However, over the last couple of years the prices of all 968s have started to increase and many are now starting to be added to private collections.

Although commended for its handling prowess, the Club Sport does have some practicalities - you can even fit in your spare set of wheels and tyres to take to the track!

968 CS rear
968 Sport


Above: no rear seats, extended rear shelf and storage net. There is also no rear boot cover attached to the glass hatch as featured on the coupe

Left: Centre console with no factory options.


Above top: For the UK market, the Club Sport decal was a no cost delete option. Originally wheels were mostly colour coded to the body. It is often written that Club Sports were only available in 'black', 'guards red', 'maritime blue', 'grand prix white' and 'speed yellow' but cars were produced in many other colours between 1994 and 1995

Right: with the removal of the central locking and electric rear hatch release, access to the boot can only be gained by using the manual pull release behind the rear seats. A plastic cap is in place of the normal rear boot lock

Below: older style door cards as fitted to all Club Sports with a single speaker

968 Club Sport boot lock delete

968 CS door card

Above: door card showing no electric windows and manual crank

968 Club Sport hatch release

Above: manual hatch release located behind front seats

968 Club Sport Interior

Above: black interior with fixed-back Recaro colour coded bucket seats

968 Wiper delete

Above: plastic bung in place of rear wiper and motor

968 CS roll cage

Above: track prepared with roll cage and fire extinguisher

No sunroof car

Above: a rare non sunroof car

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