968 Club Sport

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968 Club Sport (including UK Sport) worldwide register

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It has been suggested by Stijn Braes, a Belgian 968 CS enthusiast, that a Club Sport worldwide register would be a great way of identifying the differences between the world markets for the car. If you would like your car to be included, please email Richard at info@968clubsport.com with a few good photographs of your car (please ensure they are your photographs as your name will be added to them for copyright reasons), its year / colour and its options when built. No number plates will be included unless you want them to be shown (they can be removed if you can't) and no chassis numbers will be listed. Many thanks.

The earliest car we know of was registered in Germany on 19th October 1992, please get in touch if you know of one before this date.

Belgium - country code C22

UK - country code C16

ポルシェ 968 cs

Germany - country code C00


The Netherlands - country code C20

Japan - country code C08

Australia - country code C23

New Zealand - country code C24

France - country code C05

Spain - country code C27

Sweden - country code C09


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