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Club Sports badged as Sport (UK only)

Few people realise that the UK Sport is, in fact, a Club Sport underneath. The above Certificate of Authenticity demonstrates how they are listed by Porsche themselves - as a 968 Club Sport with a CS luxury package. The UK Sport models were produced on the Club Sport production line for GB import, and have a Club Sport chassis number. In total, 306 cars were imported into the UK by Porsche GB during 1994 and 1995: these 306 cars are included within the 1,923 Club Sport worldwide manufacturer's production numbers.

In recent years, many owners have removed the Sport badge from the back of their cars and rebadged them as 968 CS. However, when buying and selling, the car should be referred to as a Sport. The easiest and most reliable way to tell is by checking the V5, the Sport is listed as 968 Sport and the Club Sport as 968 CS.

A shrewd buyer will note that the UK 'Sport' is currently selling at half the price of a 'Club Sport', despite the fact that a large number of these Club Sports boast various options resulting in them being near-identical to their UK Sport twins. Chosen options such as electric windows, sunroofs, comfort seats and central locking have resulted in some Club Sports holding the same weight as their semi-stripped out, yet undervalued brothers. Many Club Sports in Germany currently exist with exactly the same specification as the UK Sport (see mobile.de), yet they yield a higher price because of their well-known identity.

968 Sport badge
968 Sport

The Sport came with the following options as standard:

Rear seats (cloth, different spec to standard coupe)
Recaro cloth sport front seats (non electric)
Central locking
Electric tailgate release
Electric mirrors (heated)
Electric windows
Electric sunroof

Above: centre console with electric mirror, central locking and sunroof options

968 Sport

Above: front cloth comfort sport seats (non electric) as used in all Club Sports without the fixed-back Recaro bucket seats

968 Sport

Above: cloth rear seats fitted to all UK Sport and other Club Sports optioned with rear seats

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